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Description of Ajna
The Third Eye

The Third Eye chakra is located above the physical eyes on the center of the forehead. This is the center for psychic ability, higher intuition, the energies of spirit and light. It also assists in the purification of negative tendencies and in the elimination of selfish attitudes.

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Through the power of the sixth chakra, you can receive guidance, channel, and tune into your Higher Self. When this chakra is not balanced you may feel non-assertive, afraid of success, or go the opposite way and be egotistical.

Physical symptoms may include headaches, blurred vision, blindness, and eyestrain.

When this chakra is balanced and open you are your own master with no fear of death, are not attached to material things, may experience telepathy, astral travel, and past lives.

Sixth chakra body parts include the eyes, face, brain, lymphatic and endocrine system.

It is our avenue to wisdom - learning from our experiences and putting them in perspective.

Our ability to separate reality from fantasy or delusions is in connection with the healthfulness of this chakra. Achieving the art of detachment beyond "small mindedness" is accomplished through developing impersonal intuitive reasoning. It is through an open brow chakra that visual images are received.

Gemstones and Crystals that are beneficial for the Third Eye Chakra: Amethyst, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, purple fluorite, black obsidian.

FAQ of The Third Eye


“My third eye intuits inner knowledge”

Colour and name

Indigo. Sanskrit Name – Ajna or Agaya

Physical Location

center of the forehead


action of ideas, insight, mind development

Spiritual Lesson

understanding, reality check point,
detachment, open mind

Physical Dysfunctions

brain tumors, strokes, blindness,
deafness, seizures, learning disabilities, spinal dysfunctions,
panic, depression

Mental and Emotional Issues

fear of truth, discipline,
judgement, evaluation, emotional intelligence, concept of
reality, confusion

Information Stored Inside Root Chakra

seeing clear picture
(symbolic or literal), wisdom, intuition, mental facilities, intellect


Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Purple fluorite


Lavender, Sandalwood, Frankincense