Crystal Water Bottles - The Energy From Crystals

Crystal Water Bottles - The Energy From Crystals

When drinking water has been exposed to certain crystals, it can provide beneficial healing properties.

Immersing crystals in water is known as a crystal elixir.

They are very effective in the treatment of many conditions relating to the mind, body and energy field, including chakra imbalance.

Not all crystals can be used in this way but crystals like amethyst, quartz and shattuckite promote general good health and wellbeing.

It is best to use distilled or mineral water from a pure source when filling your bottle.

Elixirs are wonderful healers, working from the inside of the body. You can also apply the water directly to any affected area of the body for example an amber elixir can be used on cuts as an antiseptic.

The crystal drinking bottles, once filled, are best left for a few hours.

Placing your bottle into direct moonlight or sunlight can positively influence the properties of the crystal charged water.

Placing additional focus and intention on the water bottle for what you would like it to provide, will also enhance the process. You may notice a difference in taste depending on which crystals have been used.

Cleanse and empower the chakras throughout the day as you drink from your bottle.

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