Introduction to Chakras

Introduction to Chakras

CHA – movement, KRA – doing.

Chakras form a part of our subtle energy body which glows all around us influencing personal and collective growth.

There is over 100 chakras point inside and outside of our body but when we work with the 7 main energy centres, they help the flow throughout the whole system. Each chakra forms a junction point for our energy pathways. We can think of them as spinning vortexes, suggesting movement from one dimension to another.

Chakras can increase or decrease the energy flow, causing it to become energised, depleted, or even closed down where it can’t store energy at all.

Each chakra corresponds to specific internal organs and bundles of nerves running along the spine from the root in the sacrum up to the crown of the head.

Causes of imbalance can come from life experiences where we have withdrawn from the process or overcompensated for something that may have been lacking in life.

When we experience happiness, we feel the expansion, energy filling up within, when we feel sad, we feel depleted and are unable to absorb the energy around us. This is our consciousness expanding and contracting

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