Fourth Chakra Heart - Connection to All

Fourth Chakra Heart - Connection to All

Fourth Chakra Heart - Connection to All

Compassion and love come from the heart so when our heart chakra is open, we feel deeply connected and can experience a harmonious exchange of energy that is all around us.

Represented by the colour green, this chakra centre is responsible for hormone production and regulation of the immune system.

As the heart chakra is related to the element of air, it is associated with the breath and we principle that we are all connected as one. When the heart is flowing with energy, we can position ourselves in any situation, no matter how challenging, with discernment and compassion.

Located in the centre of the chest, the heart chakra bridges the gap between our earthly and spiritual aspirations, driven by the principles of transformation and integration.

We can experience smoother transitions in times of change with an understanding that our heart is our guidance system which we must listen to and remove the negative chatter ruling our decisions.

When we follow our highest excitement, we are following our true path. The heart produces a lot more electricity and magnetism than the mind so allow this chakra to attract what you want in your life by deciding how you feel. We have a choice.

Our feelings are created by the thoughts we have so keep them positive and remember there is always a different perspective to be found from an open heart chakra state of being.

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