Green Aventurine The Harmoniser

Green Aventurine The Harmoniser

Green Aventurine The Harmoniser

Green aventurine is a hexagonally structured variety of quartz with inclusions of mica, giving the stone its speckled or sparkly effect. It is usually green but other colours can include blue, white, red/peach and brown.

Common sources of green aventurine are Brazil, India, Italy, China, Russia, Tibet and Nepal. This crystal is a very positive stone, absorbing electromagnetic frequencies and protecting against environmental pollution.

Green aventurine works with the heart chakra providing safety, trust and love. It brings together our emotional and intellectual bodies, perfect for stabilising the mind and recognising alternatives and possibilities.

Green Aventurine helps heal the heart, lungs, adrenal glands, and muscles and works as a great anti-inflammatory. It balances the masculine and feminine energy within the body and promotes good motivation and leadership skills.

This is a wonderful crystal to use on children from birth as it regulates growth. It can strengthen eyesight and assist in establishing exactly what makes you happy or unhappy.

Carry Green Aventurine with you when you need a bit of luck, place it in your pocket and use it as a good luck charm, also protecting you from draining the heart chakra which may be caused by outside sources.

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