Pyramid Power - Our Crystal Pyramids

Pyramid Power - Our Crystal Pyramids

Each geometric shape has therapeutic powers, with pyramids topping the list.

They emit an energy which can be harnessed to amplify thought forms and increase vitality. Pyramids provide a great environment for transcendental meditations and have a positive effect on the body’s subtle energy field.

The wisdom of the pyramid has been known since the ancients and enables us to expand our consciousness. There are many architectural feats of the pyramid structure on earth and now we have found them on planet Mars.

Pyramids have a great impact on the growth of civilizations and scientists agree there seems to be a force that defies the laws of science at play.

There is much mystery and legend associated with the pyramid, a generator of spiritual energies. The energies of the pyramid provide healing to take place on a cellular level by evoking an altered state of consciousness which allows the mind to access deeper levels of the body, creating calmness through to extreme euphoria.

Experiences can include increased memory, views of past lives, visions, precognition, planetary travel and telepathic communications.

The pyramid offers a total revitalization of the entire being. The best results come when using the pyramid with your upper chakras like the crown and Third Eye.

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