Seventh Chakra Crown Spiritual awakening.

Seventh Chakra Crown Spiritual awakening.

Seventh Chakra Crown Spiritual awakening.

At the top of the head, the crown chakra flows through the vertex of the skull. It shares this up and down direction with the root chakra and they are deeply connected.

We need an open root chakra to have an open crown chakra. Represented by the colour white, our crown chakra helps us with enlightenment. It relates to our brain and lets us commune with our higher consciousness and converse with the universe.

A balanced crown chakra means we are connected to our spiritual being, working with crystals or meditation. We are in tune with nature and can open up to an experience of life in heaven on earth.

If we feel close off to anything spiritual, we may experience headaches, fatigue or depression and this would mean the crown chakra point isn’t open and flowing with energy.

Sensitivity to light and sound or becoming agitated in everyday life can build up when we ignore this connection to life through the crown chakra.

Meditation and working with crystals are a great way to heal the crown chakra and to allow spirit to come to you.

Working on our chakras from the root up means that by the time we have reached the crown, a clear flow of energy and connection between the mind, body and soul will be present.

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