Second Chakra Sacral - All About Pleasure

Second Chakra Sacral - All About Pleasure

Second Chakra Sacral - All About Pleasure

Located just below the navel, at the centre of the lower belly, this is the first chakra point which has the energy flow through the front and back, unlike the root chakra which faces downwards.

Represented by the colour orange, the sacral chakra is associated with the emotional body, sensuality and creativity. Passion is the fuel of creative energy and everything we create originates from this chakra. It’s the centre of our feelings and sensations.

The element for the sacral chakra is water and as such, its energy is characterised by flow and flexibility.

Drinking lots of water and spending time near bodies of water like a lake or the ocean will assist the energy flow.

The sacral is responsible for our lymphatic system and is associated with the genitals, kidneys, and bladder.

An open and flowing sacral chakra allows us to become connected to feelings and sensations and experience life through our senses. If there is an imbalance in the sacral you may have issues with intimacy and are disconnected from your sexuality.

You can become withdrawn and blocked regarding any creative endeavours. A balanced sacral chakra will get those ideas that have been sat on the shelf out into the world.

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