First Chakra Root - The Root of all Things.

First Chakra Root - The Root of all Things.

First Chakra Root - The Root of all Things.

Located at the base of the spine, with the energy flowing through the perineum, this chakra point is the centre of creating emotional and spiritual balance.

This is seen as the most ridged chakra and governs our sense of stability, safety and commitment. It’s responsible for our self-preservation.

The energy flow in the root chakra corresponds with our adrenal glands, helping the body cope with physical and emotional stress. It will affect the feet, legs, genitals and digestive system.

This is the chakra concerned with need. It is associated with the earth element and provides your grounding in life. The root chakra is symbolic of the colour red and carries a masculine energy.

When the root is balanced you can enjoy trust, belonging and presence in your daily life. If there is an imbalance in the root chakra you may find you get stuck in your head, feelings of insecurity and maybe find it hard to manifest.

A lot of early life experiences get imprinted in this chakra and the integrity of the rest of the chakra points can be compromised if there is a lack of energy flow through the root and so it is important to start with this chakra point when working with your energy system.

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