Fifth Chakra Throat - Express Yourself

Fifth Chakra Throat - Express Yourself

Fifth Chakra Throat - Express Yourself

The energy in the throat chakra, located in the neck, flows through the front and back. It is related to our mouth, teeth, ears, thyroid, and even the shoulders.

When our throat chakra energy centre is open, we can express and create our dreams into reality. By communicating our feelings, thoughts and ideas we can connect to ourselves and with each other.

The throat chakra allows us to have a good flow between talking and listening, we can communicate openly and hear our internal wisdom. Clearly articulate your wishes and desires with confidence, honesty and ownership.

Represented by the colour blue, the throat chakra provides us with a feeling of contentment and peace. We can experience neck and shoulder issues when there is a lack of energy flow. Most people hold their tension in this body area, so release the pressure and speak your inner truth.

Faith and understanding are the essence of the throat chakra and correspond to the element of ether. Let go of the fear of being accepted and maintain equilibrium within.

The throat chakra enables us to live with integrity and authenticity and provides for higher spiritual energy to enter the body.

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