The power of Moonstone: how this crystal can help you manifest your desires

The power of Moonstone: how this crystal can help you manifest your desires


Are you looking to add a bit of lunar power to your life? Moonstone is an incredibly potent crystal known for its ability to help you manifest your desires, access divine guidance, and open yourself up to understanding the divine feminine. The bluish-white crystalline structure of moonstone has long been believed by crystal healers to contain energy that works with the natural energies of the moon, bringing a heightened creative force into our lives. In this blog post, we will explore exactly how moonstone can bring powerful transformation into our lives and how it can assist us in meeting our goals! So let us get started on this magical journey as we uncover why many are drawn to this exquisite crystal and the amazing possibilities they offer.


What is moonstone and where does it come from

Moonstone is one of the most beautiful gemstones in existence, with its rainbow-like, gemmy luminescence. It has been used by cultures around the world to heal and energize individuals in need. It comes in many different shapes, sizes and colours - often looking like a bracelet of stars scattered across the night sky. In terms of location, moonstone is actually mined from India and Madagascar, and can also be found on other sites throughout Europe and parts of Africa. As a crystal healer, I’d highly recommend wearing this special bracelet of stars next to your skin - so that, as many ancient people believed, you may benefit from all the healing lunar energy it emits.

The benefits of moonstone and how it can help you achieve your goals

Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and strength. It soothes emotional instability and stress, providing calmness. As such, it is an excellent stone for enhancing your intuition and psychic abilities, as well as balancing emotions with vibrancy. Moonstone has the ability to bring joy and inner peace, making it incredibly helpful in goal-setting and achieving success. If you need to make life changes or understand yourself on a deeper level, moonstone will support you on your path. Utilise this gem's divine feminine energy to access your third eye chakra, removing spiritual blockages while allowing new ideas to come through with clarity. Out of balance emotions are brought into harmonic alignment so that you may gain greater insight into yourself and the world around you; helping you align with the energies that resonate most deeply within you.


How to use moonstone in your everyday life

Moonstone is a powerful crystal that oozes with tranquil, feminine energy. It’s perfect for increasing your intuition, calming your emotions and allowing you to connect deeply with the mysterious rhythm of life. Do you want to experience all these powerful benefits in your everyday life? If so, wearing a bracelet made from moonstone is a great way of incorporating its soothing qualities into your daily routine. As the bracelet touches your skin, it will gently roll away any tension or stress you have accumulated throughout the day and fill you with peace and tranquility ready for a restful night’s sleep. Moonstone’s compassionate energy will enhance your connection to yourself and the divine, offering transformation and spiritual growth as you go about your day. Feel more connected today by wearing a bracelet made of this incredible crystal!

Moonstone meditation and manifestation exercises

Moonstone meditation and manifestation exercises are one of the most powerful ways to unlock your inner peace. By wearing a bracelet or other piece of jewelry with sacred Moonstone, you can allow this gentle stone to help guide your meditation session. Through deep routine practice, Moonstone meditation can help you direct positive energy and visualization into creating what you desire in life. Through this, you can connect with yourself on a deeper level and manifest your dreams from within. Results will vary from person to person, but Moonstones are known for being particularly effective and reliable tools that enable each individual to focus on their own needs.

The power of the moon and how to connect with its energy

The moon is an incredibly powerful and influential force. One of its greatest gifts comes from the energy it radiates, which can be used to harmonize and stabilize our lives in myriad ways. By connecting with the cycles of the moon, we tap into its energy to help bring balance, peace and clarity into our lives. From using the new moon to set intentions to using the full moon to release, connecting with the energy of the moon can be a tool for transformation. And although many people believe you need special rituals or tools to do so, all you really need is intention! So, take time for yourself on each lunar cycle and get in touch with the emotion of that moment; invite the power of the moon into your world today!

Moonstone and its effects on the human body and mind

Moonstone is a precious and powerful gemstone that brings healing energies to the human body and mind. Its subtle vibrations help to balance the emotions, strengthen intuition, and dispel fear. As you wear or carry moonstone it will awaken your inner protector and allow you to guard your own energy from negativity. Moonstone has been known to nurture one's dreams and bring hope and new beginnings into life situations. Invoke the mysteries of this magical gemstone as part of your spiritual practice - use its calming effects to center yourself during meditation, enhance creative pursuits, or inspire a greater understanding of your soul’s purpose in life.


Moonstone is an amazing crystal that has many benefits. It can help you to achieve your goals, use in your everyday life and even meditate with. The power of the moon is also very strong and by connecting with its energy, you can really magnify the effects of moonstone. Moonstone also has some great effects on the human body and mind so if you are looking for a way to improve your life, definitely give it a try! If you would like to check out some beautiful moonstone bracelets, you can click the link below:

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