Obsidian The Rock of Protection

Obsidian The Rock of Protection

Obsidian The Rock of Protection

Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass.

It occurs in a variety of colours including black, brown, green, red/black, mahogany, black with rainbow patterns, silver or gold sheen, black and white snowflake patterns, and blue or purple.

This shamanic crystal is sourced from Mexico and the USA.

Obsidian is most commonly used for strength, grounding and detoxification. It removes blockages and disempowering conditions.

Providing a deep soul healing, obsidian can work on the ancestral and family lines too. It reverses any misuse of power and facilitates the release and protection of your energies, reconnecting you to the earth plane.

Obsidian works with the root chakra aiding in survival needs, health, abundance and moving forward in life. It helps with facing your true self and takes you into the deeper subconscious mind, a mirror into the soul.

This crystal is beneficial for compassion, learning, and anything relating to digestion whether that be in the physical or the mental and emotional, the need to ‘digest’ information or a situation. It can help with male sexuality and survival instincts.

Obsidian enables you to integrate spirituality into everyday life and eliminate self-defeating patterns and behaviours.

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