Lava Stone - The Stabiliser

Lava Stone - The Stabiliser

Lava Stone - The Stabiliser

Lava Stone is an igneous volcanic rock and is one of the most common rock forms that can be found. Most lava stones appear in shades of grey and black, but sometimes they can be red in colour.

Lava stone is fine-grained and sometimes small parts of other rocks can appear. Some are relatively new and come from recent volcanic eruptions whilst others have been around for thousands of years.

Lava stone is found in areas of tectonic activity including Hawaii, Lanzarote,
Iceland, Bali, Italy, the USA and the West Indies. This rock is birthed from the depths of mother nature providing a wonderful grounding energy due to its closeness to the centre of the earth. It’s the bringer of strength, courage and stability.

Lava rock is a wonderful stone for coping with life's fast pace while remaining calm and focused. It works to balance and steady, while also carrying the energy of unpredictable and destructiveness. It will remove that which does not serve you whilst grounding you in your true natural power.

A profoundly spiritual element, lava stone works with the root chakra providing feelings of security, safety and commitment.

The benefits of lava stone are calming emotions, overcoming fear and irrational thinking and letting go of the old to welcome in the new, life and death.

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