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Handmade Jasper and Amethyst Beaded Apple Watch Bracelet

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🎉💖 Introducing the beautifully grounding Handmade Jasper and Amethyst Beaded Apple Watch Bracelet! 🌟📿

Step into a realm of stability and serenity with our meticulously handcrafted Apple Watch bracelet. It showcases vibrant Jasper beads harmoniously combined with soothing Amethyst accents, creating a balance that's as grounding as it is tranquil. 💎🌺

Jasper, often associated with the Root Chakra (Muladhara) 🌀🔴, is revered as a nurturing stone, promoting stability and strength. The Amethyst, connected with the Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) ☯️💫, symbolizes peace, clarity, and spiritual wisdom, inviting tranquility of mind and a deeper connection to your spiritual self.

Our Handmade Jasper and Amethyst Beaded Apple Watch Bracelet is not just an accessory – it's a symbol of stability, peace, and spiritual enlightenment. It beautifully merges the grounding energy of Jasper with the calming vibes of Amethyst. 🌳📿

✨Experience stability and tranquility with our Handmade Jasper and Amethyst Beaded Apple Watch Bracelet.✨

Elevate your Apple Watch with this harmonious bracelet, the perfect union of the grounding energy of Jasper and the serene vibrations of Amethyst. Let its balanced energy guide you on your journey to peace and stability every day! 💎🛍️🌈


Materials: Amethyst & Jasper


  • 16.5-17 cm + Elastic - Suitable for a 14cm Wrist
  • 18.5-19 cm + Elastic - Suitable for a 16cm Wrist
  • 20.5-21 cm + Elastic - Suitable for a 18cm Wrist

Custom sizes are available upon request, email us:

Crown chakra benefits

  • Spiritual Awakening

    A lotus flower opening to allow spiritual awakening in an individual.

  • Feel the Spirit

    We use the seventh chakra as a tool to communicate with our spiritual nature.

  • Know Yourself

    We are in tune with nature and can open up to an experience of life in heaven on earth.

  • Intuitive

    Elightenment with our higher consciousness and converse with the universe

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💎 High Quality Stones/Gems/Crystals

That boost your chakras, provide the maximum healing benefits, properties and uplifiting frequencies. Mantra Chakra's stones are 10x sturdier than alot of our competition.

More Value for money, but also peace of mind that the stones you are wearing are.

👩‍🌾 Ethically Sourced 100% Cruelty Free

Workers who are not exploited or suffering terrible work conditions

🌍 Protect our Earth

Extracted with minimal damage from the earth

💖 Love World

Profits are not used to fund war or political corruption

🌻 Supports Community Growth

Creates Jobs, provides income and local social support to large communities globally

👍100% Satisfaction guarantee or your money back

14 day free refund policy but with the benefits they bring, we know you will be completly satisfied


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