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Amethyst Necklace and FREE Crown Chakra Healing Music

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To increase positivity, improve everyone's mental well being, be more environmentally friendly and spread Amazing Crystal Energy across the World

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Amethyst Necklace and FREE Crown Chakra Healing Music 

The Natural Amethyst stone will help bring calm and clarity to a chaotic world, making you feel comforted, grounded and soothed.  

  • It benefits the Crown Chakra with enlightenment, dynamic thought and energy.
  • It benefits the Third Eye Chakra with higher intuition, perception, awareness and consciousness.

Plus our 71 Minutes of Morning Chakra Music, the perfect tool for anyone looking to start their day with a positive energy boost and a sense of inner peace. This chakra music is specially designed to activate your crown chakra, the seventh chakra responsible for our spiritual growth and awakening.

The music is based on the 963 Hz frequency, which is associated with the crown chakra. When this chakra is activated, we experience a sense of deep connection to our higher self and the universe. 

Benefits of 963 Hz Music

  • Can help balance and activate the Crown Chakra, promoting a sense of inner wisdom and tapping into your highest potential.
  • Helps activate your spiritual growth and awakening
  • Enhances spirituality and connection to the divine
  • Improves sleep quality and relieves insomnia
  • Associated with manifestation and can help attract desires and goals into your life
  • Promotes deep relaxation and inner peace
  • Enhances your mood and overall well-being
  • Helps reduce stress and anxiety levels
  • Perfect for longer meditation sessions or background music during daily activities


    You can listen and watch on our YouTube Channel


    Crown chakra benefits

    • Spiritual Awakening

      A lotus flower opening to allow spiritual awakening in an individual.

    • Feel the Spirit

      We use the seventh chakra as a tool to communicate with our spiritual nature.

    • Know Yourself

      We are in tune with nature and can open up to an experience of life in heaven on earth.

    • Intuitive

      Elightenment with our higher consciousness and converse with the universe

    Why Buy from US?

    💎 High Quality Stones/Gems/Crystals

    That boost your chakras, provide the maximum healing benefits, properties and uplifiting frequencies. Mantra Chakra's stones are 10x sturdier than alot of our competition.

    More Value for money, but also peace of mind that the stones you are wearing are.

    👩‍🌾 Ethically Sourced 100% Cruelty Free

    Workers who are not exploited or suffering terrible work conditions

    🌍 Protect our Earth

    Extracted with minimal damage from the earth

    💖 Love World

    Profits are not used to fund war or political corruption

    🌻 Supports Community Growth

    Creates Jobs, provides income and local social support to large communities globally

    👍100% Satisfaction guarantee or your money back

    14 day free refund policy but with the benefits they bring, we know you will be completly satisfied


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