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Spirituality ~ Om Tat Sat

Written by Nina Ram

Why am I here on earth? Why do I have this human body? Why do I feel the way I do? Who is creating all these experiences. So many questions a soul can start asking as it starts paying attention to its experiences deeply.

Many lives, many questions, many experiences.

As these thoughts keep getting condensed within, the soul starts feeling the real suffering of human existence because all earth experiences are changing and limited.

Why do some souls feel this suffering?

The suffering comes from beginning to remember our eternal real nature. When a soul lives in the Divine consciousness, it is infinite and unbound. When it lives in the world only as this body and mind, then it is defined and restricted to this body and mind.

Our real nature is unbound.

Finding ourselves bound in this body and mind, our soul is restless. To remove this restlessness, most souls try to expand themselves in the outside world. Have more money, more power, more food, more drinks, more friends, more talk, more travel, more entertainment.

But as a soul keeps moving through many lives and experiences on earth, it starts learning that expansion outside did not cure the restlessness.

That’s when some souls realize that maybe I should go inside. As it keeps expanding within; the desire for the finite and bound experiences of outside world start falling away on their own.

Many seekers are confused by what spirituality really means and what are they seeking?

Spirituality is not chanting, prayers and fasting. It is not good deeds and service. It is not attaining heaven after death. It is not pranayama and asanas. It is not study of scriptures. It is also not meditation.

Spirituality is all about liberation. A total freedom of the consciousness from believing it is only this body and mind. It can only come when one truly wants to be free. When one naturally stops wanting this material body and mind or all experiences material or beyond.   

But all the chanting, praying, fasting, studying, pranayama, asana and meditations are very important and much needed practices for us to liberate ourselves from all the wanting of this body and mind; all the desires and the thoughts. Just the way numerous sages realized before us. Patanjali Yoga Sutra 1.12 says “Abhyasa Vairagyabhyam Tan Nirodhah” ~ Practice and Dispassion leads to mastery, control or cessation of thoughts. 

As we keep practicing, we keep reducing our desires and thoughts. And by Divine grace, we also experience our real self. But self-realization does not mean total liberation. We keep practicing as long as we are in this human body, so by Divine grace, we realize the paradox; our deepest desire ~ liberation.

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