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Confusions on the Spiritual Path

Written by Nina Ram

Confusions on the Spiritual Path

There is so much confusion about spirituality and spiritual path not only  for the beginner but even for people exploring for decades.

There are many reasons for many levels of confusion.

The most profound reason is the misunderstanding of the purpose of one’s own soul on earth.

Yes, it is true that the ultimate purpose of each soul is to experience the Absolute truth, Divine or Super Conscious Self and then attain liberation. But is that the truth for every single soul who is here right now? The simple answer is No.

That is where the root of all the confusion comes in. That is where a lot of angst, pain and anxiety on the inner journey comes in. The soul might be here to experience different worldly experiences. The soul evolves through different experiences. And there is nothing good or bad about seeking people, places and things in the world.

But when a soul becomes content and has realized that it is naturally not interested in what the world has to offer, then on its own it begins the journey inwards. This is the reason, some souls find the spiritual journey faster and less arduous. Because they are ready to move in. Again there is nothing good or bad or better.

Just the use of words like evolved or mature spiritually can raise feelings of competition or judgement. One can desire to be seen as evolved or mature. Also the use of language in spiritual materials, can make people think that the soul who is still interested in worldly experiences is doing something wrong or bad. 

And many times, people get confused by all the talk of the highest goal of human life of liberation. It is true that is the highest goal. But is it everyone’s goal in this life? Is this what they came for?

So, how can we know when we are ready to die? How do we know when the soul is spiritually mature?

Does one feel the inherent suffering of samsara or one’s own existence like Buddha did?  It is not an intellectual game of listening to teachers.  It is one’s own deep experience of life that comes from attention, observation and awareness. It is not that there is something wrong with the world, it is a suffering of wanting to return to your true nature.

This suffering of samsara is not the same suffering or experience of pain or anxiety because one did not get what they wanted in the world. Many times people escape to spirituality to get relief from pain that comes from desires that were unfulfilled in a relationship, career or money. This forms another big reason for confusion. Escaping does not get rid of the desires to experience the world. It just masks them for a little while, maybe few years, till all the desires come back. It was just a temporary relief not release from the world, one was seeking.

Buddha was not running away to another world of pleasures. He was on the bus to liberation, he had seen the world and was completely satisfied, and was on the last stop. Spiritual journey is the end of desires in the material world. There is no active running out, seeking, desiring and hoping for experiences of this world. Even the ready souls like Buddha, have to practice with total intense action of soul, body and mind on the inner journey to liberation.

And now think of the souls who did not come to move inwards on a spiritual journey, here in the first place. There just cannot be a total action in their seeking. Soul, body and mind are moving in different directions. This makes the inner and outer world fragmented, confused and anxious.

Many turn to false practices to try and bring integration to their worldly desires and what they think should be a spiritual path. Material pleasures and experiences get the wrapper of spirituality. Modern psychotherapy adds to the confusion, by giving fancy theories for analysis. People use spiritual language to justify all their actions of material mania. Scandals that keep emerging from the shadows of many such “spiritual” groups just lead to more confusion about what is spirituality and a true spiritual path.

Nowadays, Self-love and Self-acceptance are two frequently used words everywhere. Yes, one should truly accept and love themselves. One should truly learn to observe themselves. What does one want in this life?  If one wants to enjoy everything of the world. Please accept, and enjoy naturally and fully. It a beautiful and wonderful world. It is what the soul came here for. There will be no pain and anxiety of spiritual delusions. On the other hand, enjoying all the worldly experiences without labels of spirituality, will help the soul be happier, learn and evolve faster. There is no hurry or worry or competition on the spiritual journey. It is a deeply personal journey to dissolve back into the Supreme.  

If one deeply feels the Suffering of Samsara, then only the whole soul will be ready to drop everything of the world ~ Naturally. That’s when the real spiritual journey begins.

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